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Pet Boarding, Bathing & Nail Trimming

When you are going on vacation and can't bring your beloved pet with you, it's important to find a reliable dog boarding facility. You can trust Buyrningwood Kennel to care for your dog while you are way. We offer clean and safe boarding for dogs, with over 50 years of experience. Your pet will not only enjoy his stay in our quiet and cozy facility located at our horse farm which has lots of space. They can also enjoy a warm bath and a nail trim. Call us today for more information

*Prices vary, due to size of dog.

Relaxing Bath

Your pet's relaxing stay will be complemented with a warm bath here at Buyrningwood Kennel. We use professional, and industry-leading shampoo's and products to assure that your pet is well taken care of. You can count on your pet being squeaky clean after his bath.

Nail Trimming

Along with a warm and cozy bath, your pet will enjoy a fresh nail trim when coming to Buyrningwood Kennel. We aim to provide convenience for the pets and their owners as best as possible and have your pet be as comfortable as they can during their stay.